We believe that everyone should have access to acupuncture. Our prices reflect this.

We have a ‘sliding scale’ policy at Bright Room Community Acupuncture. That means that you pay the price that suits your budget from our range.

Acupuncture Treatment Sliding Scale: £20 – £40

If you are unsure as to what amount to pay, we suggest the halfway option, £25 – £30.

We also offer Ear Acupuncture at £5 per session.

Please note that we can only take cash or cheque payments. 

At Bright Room Community Acupuncture we will always respect the decision you make when paying, and will never ask you to explain the amount you choose. What ever you decide to pay, you can be assured that the quality of your acupuncture treatment will be as high as possible.

We are committed to providing low cost acupuncture treatments, and to giving the opportunity for people of all incomes to receive sufficient treatments to alleviate their condition.

Please note that we do have a Cancellation Policy: we require at least 24 hours notice if you would like to cancel an appointment. Any appointments cancelled after this time will be charged for. Our cancellation fee is £20.

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