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Eva Martinez is a Licensed Naturopath-Acupuncturist, who obtained her qualification from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Bristol, where she dedicated four years to studying the intricacies of Chinese Medicine theory. Throughout her studies, Eva immersed herself in the practice of acupuncture, as well as other techniques of Chinese Medicine such as cupping, moxibustion, electrotherapy, and massage. She honed her skills within the college clinic and also gained valuable experience at multibed clinics.

Recognizing the value of a holistic approach, Eva expanded her knowledge by incorporating naturopathic treatments into her practice. She learned about naturopathic nutrition, detoxification protocols, Bach flower remedies, and Western herbal medicine. In her quest to offer comprehensive care, she completed a masterclass on facial enhancement acupuncture, a natural and rejuvenating treatment for her patients.

With a passion for patient care and a deep understanding of the human body, Eva spent four years working in the health system, primarily in her home country of France. Her experience spanned both somatic and psychiatric services, providing her with valuable insights into the complexities and diverse mechanisms of Western medicine and treatments.

Eva’s commitment to her profession is evident through her membership in the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine UK. By staying connected with professional organizations, she ensures that she stays up to date with the latest advancements in her field and maintains high standards in her practice.

Through her unique background and dedication to patient well-being, Eva brings a comprehensive and integrated approach to her naturopath-acupuncture practice. Her diverse skill set and holistic perspective allow her to address the individual needs of her patients, providing them with personalized care and empowering them on their journey towards optimal health.