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Below are some of the testimonials we recieved on our old website. You can view more testimonials, sent more recently, on our Google Business page, where we have a 5* rating: Bright Room Community Acupuncture on Google


“I went to Bright Room Acupuncture in order to treat my eczema. I had run out of ideas for treatment and I was looking for a more natural way to battle against my severe eczema flare-ups.

The acupuncture really helped with getting rid of my internal heat. And after a few sessions my itching went down rapidly. It reduced my stress level and made me sleep a lot better at night.

The acupuncture made me aware that my eczema was much more linked to my moods than I initially thought. I have to say that going through the treatment was difficult as my skin became much worse at first and I was very emotional during the process but the result was really worth it! I practically don’t itch anymore and my skin is a lot better. The team there are amazing and they make you feel very comfortable.”

J.R., Hackney

Rosacea (Inflamed and irritated skin)

“I walked into the Bright Room with the worst outbreak of rosacea that I ever had. This time I was not only concerned by the appearance of the redness, but by the discomfort: that itchiness and burning feeling on my cheeks. I just wanted to tear my skin apart. I was quite desperate as I had tried so many things with no luck, and then I meet the people at the Bright Room.

I felt the benefits from day one, and with each session my rosacea has improved. It’s a real plus to learn from their holistic approach: I got valuable advice about what I should eat and drink (before, I only knew about what to avoid) and other tips. And we have also addressed underling issues like stress and light sleep.

I had five sessions on a weekly bases, until we felt ready to start spacing them. No way I would have been able to afford this treatment outside the Bright Room. I’m grateful for that and for having discovered acupuncture.”

E.C., Hackney

Back Pain

“My job as a mobile mechanic involves riding my bike with heavy bag of tools on my back.

I’ve been to The Bright Room a couple of times now. Walked in with a very sore lower back and walked out feeling like new, acupuncture worked very well for me!”

G.P., Hackney

Bruised Eyes and Injured Forehead:

“I was really taken aback by the way the Bright Room Team dealt with my black eyes and bump on my forehead. The treatment involved acupuncture, traditional Chinese eye massages (with warm hard boiled eggs) and massages of the bump with an ointment. In the space of one week the bruising of the eyes and bump were hardly noticeable and after two weeks they were completely gone. Hard to believe but true!”

C.A., London, 2013

Sports Injury:

“This week will mark my third treatment, I have been coming once a week to be seen and the practitioners have been excellent.

I am a 200m athlete and three weeks ago I had a nasty fall that impacted my left ankle ligaments. I sustained grade 1 damage to them and couldn’t run; even walking was at times challenging but after two sessions at this clinic I am well on the mend.

London living can be hard on the pocket but the Bright Room Therapy Centre’s accessible ethos makes much needed treatments affordable. Thank you guys and keep up the fantastic work! 🙂”

George, London

General Health Support:

“I have been a regular patient for more than 1 year. All the therapists are brilliant with excellent skills. Acupuncture has helped me to relieve stress, tensions in my body, tiredness, hot flushes and anxiety. I have started to practice Qi-gong with Sam as it’s really complementary with my acupuncture sessions.

Thanks all for your help!”

O.J., London


“This is to share my experience of having acupuncture to treat chronic haemorrhoids which flair up whenever I pass a bowel (many of my family members suffer from haemorrhoids) and sometimes for a few days. This causes me lots of pain but I had always thought that the only solutions were to avoid constipation and have a surgical operation.

I got in touch with Bright Room Community Acupuncture when they started becoming increasingly painful and I was experiencing a lot of bleeding too. After 6 sessions over three months, the acupuncture and advice I have been given by the acupuncturists at Bright Room have made an incredible difference! The bleeding has completely stopped, the haemorrhoids have shrunken in size and the discomfort is back to being manageable.

I would strongly recommend acupuncture, even for people who suffer from haemorrhoids chronically like me.”

Ms. A, Stoke Newington