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Renata Pitorri’s journey to become a holistic practitioner began when she developed an interest in healing through energy. She always had a passion for science and quantum physics which led her to obtain the first and second degree (okuden) certificate in Reiki, becoming a Reiki therapist in 2015 by receiving both the Japanese (Usui Shiki) and western (Usui Ryoho) lineages.

In the following two years she worked on unifying both the spiritual and physical body, therefore she qualified first as a Massage Therapist at the London School of Massage. Her devotion to work in health and wellbeing deepened, therefore in 2019 she also qualified as an Acupuncturist by gaining her degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture (BSc Hons) at the University of Westminster, London.

Renata firmly believes that a healthy and balanced lifestyle is key for longevity, therefore she practices exercise, and meditation combined with a healthy diet on her everyday life.

Renata is fluent in Italian and English, she has basic knowledge and basic communication skills in Spanish and Portuguese.