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Hong Kong born, Sam has trained in a variety of martial arts, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean, since the age of 10.
He studied acupuncture at the London College of Traditional Acupuncture, and also learnt Chinese massage and manipulation as part of the training regime.

His Grandad was a famous and well respect Chinese Herbalist and martial artist in both Hong Kong and Macu in the early 40’s. His Grandad’s passion and knowledge was a great influence on Sam, and he has been keen to learn as much as he could about Chinese Medicine since an early age.

He has been treating people with Chinese massage since the early 80’s and started treating with acupuncture since 2010 after gaining his degree qualification.
He regularly visits  to China, which enables him to trace the roots and deepen his understanding of this long established Eastern philosophy and art.

He also practises and teaches Tai Chi and internal breathing for self cultivation to enhance longevity.